It’s thinking that someone is inferior because of their gender.

For example, that girls are bad at soccer just because they are… girls.

But being good at soccer has nothing to do with being a girl or a boy!

Sexism is not new. In the Middle Ages, forbidding women to govern was ALREADY sexism!

But then, is sexism just for girls?

No, it also affects boys. But girls are still the main victims. 

In France, for example, 8 out of 10 women say they are the target of sexist acts and remarks. As opposed to only… 3 boys!

In the most serious cases, sexism can lead to death. This is known as feminicide: killing a woman because she is a woman.

Fortunately, there are more and more laws that punish sexist acts. 

However, behaviors don’t change much. Because sexism feeds on stereotypes; ready-made ideas about girls and boys.

Because of sexism, some girls don’t dare to dress the way they want, or do the job of their choice. 

Some boys think it’s normal for girls to do the housework, or that they have to be strong to be a REAL man.

But sexism is less and less accepted in society. You may have heard talk about it at school. If we all try, we’ll make it go away!