Diabetes is a disease related to the dysfunction of a hormone, insulin, which allows the body to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.

When insulin malfunctions, the level of sugar in the blood, called glycemia, rises and causes hyperglycemia. 

The majority of patients have type 2 diabetes, often linked to a poor diet or lack of exercise. 

Type 1 diabetes has a complex origin and is still poorly understood.

Whatever the case, this disease is serious, as it damages the organs and kills nearly 1.9 million people in the world every year.

So… is diabetes treatable?

In general, there is no cure for diabetes, but fortunately there are medications to help you live with the disease. 

For type 1 diabetes, the treatment consists of a regular injection of insulin for life.

For type 2, it is important to change your lifestyle: eat better and do sports. 

If this is not enough, the doctor prescribes a complementary treatment.  

The patient must then take medication in the form of pills or insulin injections. 

Diabetes is becoming more and more common and now affects one in eleven people in the world.

Every year, a world day is organized on November 14 to explain the disease in order to fight it.