Why do some people stop eating meat?
Some people stop eating meat to stand up for their ideas.
The idea of killing animals for food is intolerable, so it’s impossible for them to eat meat.
Sometimes, they refuse to eat meat because they have been shocked by videos showing the horrible conditions that animals suffer in industrial breeding farms.
Others stop eating meat because they think that livestock farming is a threat to our environment.
Because feeding the animals that we eat requires us to produce huge quantities of food.
80% of all farmland today is dedicated to growing crops to feed animals.
A lot of this land was created by cutting down forests, depriving wild animals of their habitat and threatening their survival.
To produce this food, huge quantities of water are needed. It takes over 15,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of beef.
People who have stopped eating meat force us to think about what’s in our plate.
This reflection encourages some people to eat more vegetables and less meat…
… Or eat meat less often, and only eat high quality meat.
There are more and more restaurants, recipes and tips for eating without meat.
In France, a vegetarian meal is on the menu every week in school cafeterias.