What preventive measures should we use in class?

After the lockdown, schools in France are going to open again. But the Covid 19 epidemic is not over yet!

The coronavirus is still spreading. So we still need preventive measures.

You know these measures really well: wash your hands often, cough or sneeze in your elbow…

… And keep well away from others to stop the virus from spreading.

That’s easy to do at home, but how do you do it at school?

Every school received instructions to help children to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Rule number one: don’t get too close to your pals! Stay at least 3 feet from people.

To respect this distance in the classroom, there are fewer students. And tables are further apart!

So that students don’t bump into each other, there’s a one-way system, with arrows on the ground.

Coronavirus can also be spread by objects. So we don’t lend things like felt tips and pens to anyone!

And of course, all students must wash their hands several times a day.

In the schoolyard, it’s weird not playing close to friends. Luckily, we can still talk to each other and have fun, like before!

That’s a lot of new rules to remember. But like that, you’re helping to fight the epidemic.