Are polar bears a threatened species?

Yes, the IUCN, an association that evaluates the state of nature each year in the world, classes polar bears as “vulnerable”.

Does that mean that polar bears will die out?

Scientists say they could possibly become extinct by the end of the century.

But why could polar bears become extinct? 

First, because of where they live; the ice pack of the North Pole is melting because of global warming.

Without the ice pack, polar bears would have nowhere left to hunt their main source of food: seals.

They are also victims of pollution and are poisoned by chemical products that are found in the oceans.

And finally, because companies drill for oil in the Arctic, which disturbs the bears during the hunting and mating season. 

Because of all this, certain hungry bears come near houses looking for food in the garbage, and sometimes even attack humans. 

What’s more, in 2017, Donald Trump, the American president, authorized the hunting of polar bears in Alaska. 

Fortunately, some associations swung into action to save them.

They set up protected areas where polar bears can find food and hibernate in safety.

They also work with local populations so that humans and polar bears can live together in peace.