Biodiversity is all forms of life: bacteria, plants, animals… Natural environments: lakes, savannahs, forests… And all the relationships that connect them.

To preserve this treasure, over 190 countries participated in the COP15, in December 2022.

A COP is a world conference of the United Nations. There’ve been 27 for the climate and 15 for biodiversity.

At this COP15, the participants signed an agreement to protect the variety of living things.

How can we do this?

Through urgent measures, because one million species are threatened with extinction.

One of these measures is called « 30 x 30 ». It aims to transform 30% of the land and sea into protected areas by 2030.

The States also commit themselves to repair 30% of damaged ecosystems.

Each one promises to reduce by half, in ten years, the pollution by pesticides, chemicals and plastics…

.. To cultivate, hunt, fish or cut wood without excess

… And to cooperate scientifically. And financially, by helping the poorest countries.

The UN Secretary General said: « We are finally starting to forge a peace pact with nature”.

But everyone will have to respect it if we hope, one day, to live in harmony with biodiversity.