The good news is that there are lots of easy ways to save water.

Let’s start in the bathroom, where water consumption is the highest.

Did you know that a bath uses up to 53 gallons of water?

So, a short shower is better, without forgetting to turn off the tap while soaping up.

Next stop, the toilet, the second room in the house for the amount of water spent: over 2 gallons for each flush!

Many cisterns are now equipped with a double push button, so let’s make sure we use the small button for a simple pee. 

Let’s finish in the kitchen, where we can reuse the water that was used to clean vegetables or cook pasta… to water the plants.

But we can do even more, by changing our lifestyles.

For example, by eating less meat. We often forget that the crops used to feed animals require huge amounts of water.

We can also buy less clothes. It takes 2640 gallons of water to make a pair of jeans!

There are many ways to moderate our water consumption, starting by limiting waste.

Because if fresh water is essential to life, it’s also scarce, and more and more so with the increasing droughts.

So, to preserve this precious resource, let’s all behave responsibly!