For years, scientists have been warning that our planet’s climate is changing very quickly and that this is not natural.  

Human activities are responsible. Our modes of transport, our factories, our agriculture… produce harmful gases that disrupt the climate. 

Consequences: extreme events occur, such as droughts, floods, hurricanes, heat waves.  

And all countries are affected? 

Yes, but some more than others. Floods in Pakistan, droughts in Somalia, hurricanes in Guatemala…

Islands could even disappear under the water of the Pacific Ocean.

This is all the more unfair as these countries are hardly responsible for global warming. 

And, as they are poor countries, they lack money to protect themselves before the arrival of a catastrophe…

… Or to repair the damage caused by a hurricane, a flood.

Whereas the countries which have been polluting the most for a long time, are, for the moment, less affected: the US, China or in Europe.  

To compensate for this injustice, these rich countries have committed themselves to helping the poorest financially. We are talking about billions of dollars. 

They must also seriously reduce their own pollution quickly so as not to worsen the situation. 

Because protecting the planet and reducing inequalities is necessary and urgent!