Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is a special day for lovers. 

On this day, couples exchange gifts, flowers, love letters, or share a romantic dinner.

And it’s the same all over the world? 

Not quite. It’s a bit different in each country. 

In Japan, only women give gifts to men… who have to wait until March 14th to give them a present back.

In the Philippines, thousands of lovers meet at midnight in the bay of Manila and exchange a very long kiss. 

In Thailand, many couples get married on February 14th, because it brings good luck! 

Some countries have unusual customs, like South Africa, where women pin the name of the person they like on their sleeve…

… or Finland, where husbands run a race… with their wives on their backs!!

Other countries celebrate lovers on another day of the year, like Spain, which chose April 23rd, or Brazil, on June 12th. 

Some countries, like India, take advantage of this date to celebrate all the people they love.

It’s the same in the US and Great Britain, where grown-ups and children offer cards to their friends and family to prove their love or friendship. 

So, which tradition will you choose on February 14th?