With 32 “Grammies”, Beyoncé is the most awarded artist at the American Grammy Awards …

… And one of the most highly-paid singers in the world.

Her nickname is Queen Bey. Queen, as in queen! And Bey as in Beyoncé… But also as in the word « bee » in English: it’s her symbol.

She’s the Queen Bey and her fans are called « the Beyhive ». They swarm down on tickets and her shows are sold out in hours.

Why is Beyoncé so successful?

Since she was a little girl, her father trained her like an athlete. She sang while running!

Her parents enrolled her in an elementary school specializing in music. That’s where her talent was spotted. 

Then, Beyoncé worked a lot, and her strategy worked too.

She began by performing catchy songs with easy-to-remember choruses and easy-to-copy dance steps… 

… Like Single Ladies, whose video clip is world-famous!

Then, she decided to use this success to fight racism by highlighting her African-American origins.

She encourages young black girls to have confidence in themselves and proclaims herself a feminist.

In one of her most famous songs, she asks « Who runs the world? »… The global superstar answers without hesitation: « Girls! »