Mythology gathers the myths of a people or a civilization.

A myth tells a story, sometimes very old, which was invented to understand the world.

And there are as many mythologies as there are peoples!

These stories give explanations on the creation of the Earth, the appearance of the first human, the relations between the members of a family…

… And also on the origins of storms, seasons, day and night, death, or on the life of wild animals.

Thus, the sun and the moon are at the heart of many stories among the Celts of Ireland, the Aztecs of Mexico, the Incas of Peru and the Egyptians.

These myths involve magical elements, such as deities and supernatural or monstrous creatures.

A bit like the Greek stories with Zeus and the gods of Olympus?

That’s exactly it. In Europe, the most famous mythology comes from Ancient Greece. 

In ancient times, the Greeks believed that the world was ruled by gods living on Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece.

These incredible stories have come down to us through the work of poets.

Homer, for example, tells us about the Trojan War and the long journey of Ulysses.

You know these stories because you study them at school and they inspire the movies and comic books you love to watch and read.