It’s a style of music, and a way of dressing.

This musical trend was born in 1954 in the United States with Bill Haley. 

This music was new. The rhythm was fast and made you want to dance. Young people loved rock and roll! 

Are there different styles of rock?   

Yes, as the years went by, rock evolved, and the style of the rockers too! 

The very first ones, like Elvis Presley, in the United States, or Johnny Hallyday, in France, had a quiff and wore black suits.

Then, in 1969, thousands of people gathered at the Woodstock rock festival in the United States. 

At that time, rockers like Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix had a hippie look, and rock music sounded different.  

The 70s was a mix of David Bowie’s glam-rock and the Sex Pistols’ punk-rock in England, and the heavy metal of the Australian band AC/DC.

Rock kept mixing with other styles, such as rap for the group Rage against the Machine. 

But we always find certain instruments: the electric guitar, electric bass, with a deeper sound, and the drums, which mark the rhythm.

Today, rockers continue to invent and are free to try anything.

There are many different styles of rock. So, who is your favorite rock band?