It’s an animated film that tells a story by moving illustrated characters and objects.

To create this illusion, the steps of their movements are drawn in a sequence of images.

In the movie theatre, these images are projected at high speed: twenty-four per second. This is what gives our eyes the impression of movement.

But how do you make a cartoon?

It all starts with the story. The scriptwriters write the plot.

The team then creates the storyboard. It’s like a comic strip, without the speech bubbles. It’s the plan.

Then it’s time for illustration and animation. There are a number of techniques for this.

Backgrounds can be hand-painted. Then the characters’ movements are drawn on transparent sheets. Each step is superimposed and captured on camera.

You can also create the whole thing on a computer, using a graphics tablet or 3D software.

Another technique is motion capture. Sensors are placed on actors to record their gestures and reproduce them in drawings.

Now it’s time to add music, sound effects and actors’ voices.

The cartoon’s ready! The magic can begin.

If you’re a fan, every year there are festivals to reward the best animated films. The most famous takes place in France, in June, in the town of Annecy!