Cinema is a collective art: to produce a motion picture, lots of people must work together.

Before starting to shoot, we need a story: the script. It is written by one or more scriptwriters.

It can be an original story, or an adaptation, of a novel or comic book, for example. 

The studio that bought or commissioned the script will then assemble a team to make the film.

The first to be chosen is often the director. It is he or she who will direct the operations.

With the casting director, he or she auditions actors to play the various characters in the film.

It is also necessary to engage a whole team to deal with the sets, the costumes, the lighting, the sound… 

… a composer and musicians to record the soundtrack…

… and, of course, a cameraman, in charge of capturing images on the set. 

Originally, these images were captured on flexible tapes called “film”. Another name for movie!

Once the shooting is over, the movie has to be edited, i.e. the order of the sequences has to be chosen, and some of them have to be cut.

Finally, if necessary, we add special effects, generated by computer.

In short: hundreds, even thousands of people work on a movie. That’s why the end credits last so long!