No-one really knows who he is, because this artist has never revealed his identity.

According to some theories, he’s British and about forty years old. But it may also be a collective of artists!

A street art graffiti artist, Banksy exhibits his works in streets all over the world, drawing on walls. But he never signs them!

To claim his works, he posts videos and photos on Instagram. 

We see him working with stencil, his favorite technique, but we never see his face, hidden under a hood.

Banksy likes to shock, surprise and make people think through his works.

For example, he sneaks into zoos to paint messages denouncing animal conditions. 

In France, next to a migrant camp, he painted scenes to criticize the way they are treated.

One of his works, “Girl with Balloon”, even partly self-destructed after being sold at an auction for over a million euros!

His latest coup? Painting on the ruins of several Ukrainian cities to denounce the war.

Through his actions, Banksy also challenges the rules of the art market, reserving for a few the privilege of owning works.

However, his works are worth a fortune and exhibitions are organized without his agreement. 

And his mysterious identity… is talked about even more!