With satellites permanently scanning the planet and with means of transport that allow access to the most inaccessible places…

…we may wonder if there are any unexplored places on Earth.

Yet, humans have never set foot on certain regions of the globe!

So what are these places still to be discovered?

Explorers call them gray areas: places we know exist but which have never been explored because they are inaccessible.

South America, for example, still has some primal forests which have never been visited.

In the Amazon forest alone, researchers discover a new animal or plant species every 2 days!

There are also mountains that have never been climbed, such as Gangkhar Puensum, in the Himalayas.

But there’s also a territory still largely unknown, just under our feet.

The Hang Soon Doong cave, in Vietnam, was discovered just a few years ago. Yet it is so big that inside there’s a jungle, a river, and clouds.

Not to mention the ocean that covers three quarters of our planet and of which only 10% has been explored!

In the ocean depths, animals and the vestiges of civilization are surely waiting to be discovered.

So, whether it be on the earth, underground or under the ocean, there is still a lot to be explored.