For several years now, scientists and forest rangers have been studying trees to understand them better.

What they have discovered is fascinating; trees pass on information!

Underground, mushroom filaments connected to tree roots form a network under the forest that connects trees to each other.

Information goes along these underground wires at the speed of 1 cm/s!

Thanks to this underground “Internet”, trees can alert other trees, if they are attacked by insects, for example.

And what’s more, trees can protect themselves and defend themselves from attack!

Oaks increase the bitterness in the sap in their leaves and bark to keep insects away.

Other trees emit chemical substances to attract predators that like eating small bugs.

According to scientists, trees live together in communities.

In case of drought, they survive by maintaining a temperate climate in the forest.

There is solidarity; they help each other, speak to each other and use their roots to feed saplings…

We always knew trees were alive: they are born, live and die like everything in nature…

Today we have discovered they have a sort of intelligence… And they have lots more to teach us!