When a woman and a man make love, they can conceive a baby.

But people don’t have babies each time they make love!

So, how are babies made?

To make a baby, we need a woman with an egg or ovum, released by her body every month…

… and a man, with millions of sperm cells.

When a couple makes love, in this wonderful sharing moment, the microscopic sperm go from the man’s body into the woman’s…

… And the race is on to reach the ovum the quickest.

The winning sperm cell (‘cos there’s only one winner!) enters the ovum to fertilize it!

But sometimes, no sperm reaches the egg. That’s right; the ovum can only be fertilized during four days in the month.

When fertilization occurs, the ovum and the sperm join together and start developing.

The fertilized egg stays in the pregnant woman’s womb, a hollow space in her tummy.

In this nice warm space, the egg divides into millions of cells to form an embryo, then a fetus and finally a baby…

… That is born 9 months later! An unforgettable day for parents!