There are several ways to treat cancer, because there are different cancers.

This disease appears when cells get messed up and start multiplying.

As there are billions of cells all over the body, there are cancers of the bones, skin, blood, liver, breast cancer, lung cancer…

How you treat cancer also depends on its stage of development; if it’s just started or if it’s been there for some time.

So can cancer really be cured?

Yes, and the earlier it’s discovered, the easier it is to fight. Nowadays, cancers are detected much earlier than before.

Once diagnosed, there are 3 main treatments for cancer.

First, surgery to remove a tumor (that’s a lump consisting of a cluster of cancer cells).

Chemotherapy, when drugs are used to stop cancer cells growing and spreading.

And lastly, radiotherapy, which uses very powerful rays to destroy cancer cells.

In some severe cases, all 3 treatments are needed.

Even if more and more cancers can be cured, it is still one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

Luckily, researchers are making progress and some are even working on a vaccine!