Oh yes! 97% of scientists say that global warming is caused by humans.

But what exactly is global warming?

To make it easy: the Sun’s rays hit our planet, warm it up and bounce back into space through our atmosphere.

Certain gases, such as carbon dioxide, stop some of the rays from escaping into space and send them back to the Earth… which heats up even more.

This is the “greenhouse effect” and is quite natural. 

However, since 1850, scientists have observed that the greenhouse effect is getting much stronger and that’s not natural.

Human activity produces greenhouse gases, which build up in the atmosphere and amplify the phenomenon.

In some countries, nearly a third of these gases are produced by transport. Factories and agriculture also produce gases that adversely affect the climate.

Some people still doubt the science, because there have been huge climate changes in the past. 

Periods where it was extremely cold for example, called “ice ages”. 

But the causes for these changes are well-known and happened over thousands of years.

The global warming we are seeing is happening too fast; it’s not normal. 

So, let’s stop wondering if humans are responsible and act together to find solutions.