Like chocolate and lots of other things, sunlight is good for your health if you don’t get too much of it!

On the one hand, sunlight keeps us fit and healthy, but if our body is exposed for too long, it can be unhealthy.

So what effects does it have on our body?

First, sunlight allows your body to make vitamin D. This vitamin is vital for you to grow.

In some countries in northern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, children didn’t get enough sunlight and had growth problems.

You don’t have to lounge around all day in the sun to grow up. Just a few minutes sunlight on your face is enough.

Also, the sun puts you in a sunny mood. Sunlight is perceived by the eyes, which send a message to the brain.

This message helps you sleep better and puts you in a good mood.

But be careful, because sunlight, especially in summer, is very powerful!

You shouldn’t stay out in the sun too long because you might get sunburn.

The skin gets slightly burned, and the same goes for your eyes.

That’s why you must protect yourself by wearing sunglasses, clothes and sunscreen when you’re in the sun…

… And avoid sunbathing at times of the day when the sun is strongest, around midday. Take a nap in the shade instead!