A heat dome is a mass of very hot air that settles for several days.

This phenomenon appears when a high pressure system stays in one place and blocks the hot air underneath. 

The air is thus imprisoned and moves downward, where it warms up even more.

The wind or the disturbances which arrive from outside are pushed back making it impossible for the heat to dissipate. 

For some time now, heat waves have been occurring more frequently and for longer periods.

Temperature records are being set, such as in 2021 in Lytton, Canada, where it was over 49 degrees Celcius.

But why are there more of these hot spells?

These heat peaks are favored by climate change, which is caused by humans. 

For more than two hundred years, industry has been developing and producing more and more products.

This activity emits large quantities of gases into the air, which is harmful and disturbs the climate.

Every year, the increase in temperature leads to many disasters in the world: intense droughts…

… and gigantic wildfires, like in India or in California.

Today, it is urgent to limit global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Solutions do exist, such as the development of renewable energies.