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It’s a person who imagines and creates something original.

That’s to say, they invent a technical process that did not exist before. 

They are therefore the creator of a new object that makes our daily life easier.

Does this mean that we can all become inventors?   

Yes, indeed, anyone can have a new technical idea that can be produced industrially.

But there are rules to respect: once the invention is made, it must be protected so that the idea is not stolen.  

Thus, the inventor must register a patent with an organization, which proves that they are the first to have had the idea. 

Then, they will have to make their invention known, for example by taking part in contests.

The best known is the Lépine contest, named after the man who created it in 1901.

This contest receives nearly 600 candidates each year, and it rewards the winner whose invention is then developed.  

For over one hundred and twenty years, this contest has led to the discovery of the dishwasher, the ballpoint pen, the steam iron, and the contact lens.

If we generally speak of inventor to designate a man or a woman, there are in fact many more men in this field and women represent less than 13% of patent applications worldwide.

So, it’s up to you, girls!