Since its beginning, our planet has gone through quite a few climate changes: ice ages alternating with warmer periods.

But thanks to temperature records, since 1880, we know that the Earth’s average temperature rise has greatly accelerated.

So, in just over 100 years, temperatures have already gone up nearly 1°C!

Scientists think that human activities are the cause because temperature curves have gone up since the Industrial Revolution.

Burning coal, oil and gas, our main sources of energy, gives off CO2, the main greenhouse gas responsible for rising temperatures.

Intensive farming, with cattle belching and farting, gives off methane, which is the 2nd gas to blame.

The result? The number of extreme climate events has doubled since 1990. There are more hurricanes, floods and drought.

The Arctic, Antarctic …and glaciers are melting…

… And the level of the oceans has gone up on average nearly 20 cm since 1900; that’s a lot!

These changes threaten ecosystems, animals and plants.

Human lives are also disrupted by natural disasters.

That’s why 195 countries signed the Paris agreement, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Quick, it’s getting hot!