Tourism is when we go and stay somewhere else for a rest, to have fun or to visit.

For a long time, only rich people could afford it.

Nowadays, millions of people roam the world: from the North Pole to the Sahara desert, from New York to the Pacific Islands.

Tourism has thus become a thriving activity.

It’s only natural! It earns money and leads countries to modernize by building roads, railway stations, airports.

Tourism also gives work to millions of people: in hotels, restaurants and leisure activities, transport companies etc.

For poor countries, it’s often the only activity that brings in resources and creates jobs.

But in some places, tourism has become so invasive that it’s more a problem than a solution.

Locals can’t find anywhere to live because houses are rented out to people on vacation. Tourist sites are overrun, there’s garbage everywhere…

Some countries are taking action: in Italy, cruise ships won’t be allowed to sail into the historic center of Venice.

We see a more responsible tourism developing, which encourages people to travel in a different way.

Visitors commit to preserving nature, interacting with the locals, … participating in work projects.

Because tourism should also be used to help people share and to create solidarity!