The United States has decided to send astronauts back to the Moon.

To do this, they have designed a giant rocket, the most powerful ever built, able to carry a crew, but also 27 tons of equipment!

This will be the first time in over 50 years that astronauts have been sent to the Moon.

But why do we want to go back there? 

Well, to build a base on the Moon! No, you’re not dreaming: we want to build facilities where astronauts can stay.

Because the aim is to use the Moon as a starting point for future space expeditions, particularly to Mars.

But before that happens, settling on the Moon is already an exploit, because its surface is very hostile.

It has no atmosphere: that means no air to breathe, and no protection from solar radiation.

What’s more, its hidden side is ice-cold. And the side you see, very hot!

To meet this challenge, the United States has joined forces with other countries, such as Canada, Japan, and several European countries, including France.

The return to the Moon will take place in several stages, following a program planned for many years.

The name of this program? Artemis, after the Greek goddess of hunting, and the Moon.