Why does no one live in Antarctica ?

Antarctica is a continent located in the southern hemisphere and is much bigger than Europe.

It is covered by an enormous layer of thick ice called the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

This is the land of penguins such as the Emperor Penguin or the Adelie penguin.

It’s impossible for humans to settle here because it’s the coldest region in the world; sometimes below -80°C.

Also, there are the strongest winds on Earth; nearly 200 miles per hour!

Why are researchers so interested in Antarctica?

Scientists come from all over the world to study the animals and the ice that is melting due to global warming.

Antarctica is losing ice every year.

Scientists are especially worried about the glaciers in the western region. Sometimes even, enormous blocks of ice fall into the ocean in just a few weeks.

As they melt, these glaciers raise the sea level.

Just imagine: if all the ice melted, certain regions of the earth would be under water.

Today, animals are the main victims because it’s harder and harder for them to find food.

So, it’s important to protect Antarctica because this amazing “white continent” plays a major role in the balance of the planet.