Track and field or athletics is a sport… or rather a set of sporting events.

The most famous one is the 100 meters, a race where you have to cover this distance as fast as possible. 

There are several speed races, but also endurance races, such as the marathon: 42 kilometers… It sure wears out sneakers!

That’s not all! There are also jumps, like the long jump, the high jump, the pole vault…

… And throws: discus, shot put, javelin and hammer.

Some athletes practice all these at the same time. For example, decathletes run four races, jump three jumps and throw three times. Not bad, eh?

Running, jumping, throwing objects… these gestures are simple and natural. That’s why athletics is practiced all over the world.

But where does athletics come from?

It is one of the oldest sports in the world. It already existed in ancient times.

Athletics was the star sport of the first Olympic Games, created by the ancient Greeks.

And, almost 3,000 years later, it is still on the program of the modern Olympic Games.

All year long, athletes train hard to push their limits, take part in competitions, and sometimes break records.

You can also do athletics just for fun. Do you like to run, jump, and surpass yourself? Go for it! There is surely a club near you.