Kylian Mbappé is a French soccer player; one of the highest paid in the world. 

His track record is impressive: he won the French championship at 18 and became world champion at 19.

He’s the youngest player to score 100 goals as a pro and be selected 50 times for France. 

But how did he become so good? 

Kylian Mbappé was born into a sporty family: his mother was a handballer and his father a soccer coach. 

He grew up in the north of Paris and at school, he was highly gifted, but quite disruptive.

His father trained him at Bondy sports club when he was 6.

He was spotted when he was 12 and went to train at the French National Soccer Center in Clairefontaine.

He then joined AS Monaco’s professional training center, and was picked twice to play for the French national under-17 team.

Kylian passed his high school diploma in Sciences and Technologies of Management; very useful for finding a job later, possibly coach.

In spite of his success, Kylian keeps his feet on the ground and his family never let him forget!

Away from the cameras, he helps many associations in his home neighborhood.

He knows he’s a role model for young people and dreams of setting up a private high school in the North of Paris to inspire future generations.