Rugby Union is one of the most widely played sports in the world. 

Rugby was officially created in 1871, with its union and its rules. 

The first women’s matches took place a few years later, in the north of England.

04_EN In France, women only started playing rugby in the early 20th century. (The game was called “La Barette”.)

The rules were not the same: tackling the legs was forbidden and the distances were shorter.  

But this sport was considered unlady-like and dangerous for women.

Rugby Federations even banned the loan of their fields to women players and the game disappeared.

Things started again in the 1960s. New women’s teams were formed in universities in western Europe. 

But hostility to women’s rugby remained very strong and clubs found it difficult to find equipment or train.

In the 80s, women players were finally integrated into the various Rugby Unions.

Women’s teams participate in major competitions, such as the Six Nations Tournament or the Olympic Games.  

Since the 2014 World Cup, women’s rugby has become much more publicized and followed. 

Today, millions of women and girls play rugby all over the world. So, are you ready… for a try?!