These digital tools allow you to publish and exchange messages, photos, videos, with your friends and family and the whole world! 

We connect to them most often via applications on smartphones, thanks to the Internet. 

TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook… there are dozens of social networks used by billions of people!

How do we use them?

You create an account, using your email, your phone number and your date of birth.

The minimum age required to create a profile has been set at 13 by the creators of these apps.

Some countries, like France, are thinking of raising it to 15 and obliging these companies to check their parents’ agreement…

… Because it’s difficult to make the right choices on the Internet when you’re a child.

Being connected to the whole world, we can come across nasty people or inappropriate content. 

Hidden behind the screen, some people dare to mock and insult each other more easily than in « real life ».

A new form of violence has developed on social networks: cyberbullying. 

And these apps rely on algorithms, powerful calculations that record all our preferences or our searches…

… and offer us more and more attractive content, sometimes difficult to verify. It’s easy to become addicted!