“Black lives matter!” is an American slogan; the rallying cry of all those who denounce police violence toward black people.

It means what it says: Black lives count.

You may have already seen it on demo placards, or as a hashtag on social media.

So is “Black lives matter” just a slogan?

No, it’s much more! Since George Floyd’s death in 2020, it’s become a powerful movement in the defense of black rights.

On 25th May, George Floyd, an African-American, was arrested and died while being held down with a policeman’s knee on his neck.

It’s not the first time that’s happened in the US.

Black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by police officers than whites. Police officers are rarely convicted for these offences.

But this time, there was a video of George Floyd choking to death. It shocked the whole world.

Everywhere, millions of people took to the streets to express their anger. No more injustice!

Thanks to this mobilization, things are changing. In the US, several towns have modified the way police arrest people.

On 20th April 2021, Derek Chauvin, the policeman responsible for George Floyd’s death, was found guilty.

This conviction is a vital moment in the fight against racism.