What is the Hubble telescope?

It’s a space observation telescope orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 340 miles.

The telescope, consisting of 2 mirrors and a tube, is an astronomical instrument that can see a long way away.

Hubble is about the size of a truck and was placed in orbit above the Earth’s atmosphere, which stops us seeing the sky clearly.

So, does that mean it can see further than a normal telescope?

Yes! Thanks to Hubble, scientists can even see exoplanets, planets outside our solar system.

Since it was launched on 24 April 1990, Hubble sends back thousands of incredible photos to astronomers every day.

That has enabled many discoveries about the universe to be made and to observe a 13 billion-year-old galaxy!

The telescope was named after a famous American astronomer: Edwin Hubble.

But he didn’t invent it! It was created by NASA and the European space agency.

The space telescope is controlled from the ground in the United States.

Sometimes, however, astronauts have to go and repair it and carry out maintenance.

In 2021, a new infrared telescope, even more powerful, is to be launched into space.   

But for the moment, Hubble is still the most powerful astronomical instrument ever invented!