Do women and men have the same rights?

In France, the answer is yes! Because, nowadays, the law gives women the same rights as men.

In school, girls have the same curriculum as boys and are free to choose the studies and the job they will do.

Later on, when they start work, men and women have the same pay for the same job.

In their personal life, men and women have the same rights as regards marriage and their children’s education.

They have the same opportunities to be elected to important jobs such as mayor or President of the Republic.

So, why do people talk about inequality?

Equality between women and men is the result of a long struggle. Laws have improved the situation but serious inequality still exists.

At school, girls find it hard to go on to engineering studies and very well paid jobs.

In their daily lives, women are more subject to violence.

They are paid a quarter less salary per month and rarely have positions of responsibility.

At home, they spend twice as much time looking after children and doing housework.

In the French parliament, there are 228 women members of Parliament. It’s a record, but they are still a minority.

There is still a lot of progress to be made before mentalities change and equality is reached.