In France, for example, the law is clear: women and men have the same rights, everywhere, at home and at work.

Thus, if a woman and a man do the same job, they must receive the same pay. 

However, women still earn on average less money than men.

How’s this possible?  

First, because women and men don’t always do the same jobs. For example, there are more women nurses and teachers than men. 

But, the jobs where there are more women are paid less than those where there are more men. 

Then, because more women than men stop working to raise their children. 

There are also many moms who work part-time, not every day, so they’re paid less. 

And then, we see that women are less likely to become bosses.

Even if things are improving, we can say it’s not going fast enough. 

Especially since this inequality continues! When they retire, women receive less money than men. 

Why? Because their retirement pension is based on what they earned when they were working.

It’s not fair, but it can be changed. And more and more men and women… are working on it!