Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica into an ordinary family: neither rich nor famous.

Yet, in a few years, he became one of the greatest conquerors in history.

His victories, such as the battle of Austerlitz, are legendary. As was his army, which had up to 1 million soldiers.

His rise was meteoric: he entered military school when he was 9. By 24, he was a general… And Emperor at 35. He reigned over Europe!

After having taken power by force, Napoleon turned France into a modern country.

He created high schools, the baccalaureate, universities. He organized house numbers, waste collection.

Above all, he wrote the Civil Code, the huge book that set out identical rules for life for all French people.

What’s more, he turned the Louvre into an amazing museum and had the Arc de Triomphe built in Paris.

There are thousands of books and hundreds of films about Napoleon Bonaparte.

A man who owed his success to his intelligence… and above all, his hours of tireless work!

However, we must not forget that Napoleon ruled like a tyrant, his battles caused thousands of deaths, and that he brought back slavery.

That’s why this man, who is famous the world over, is so controversial today.