This tower is over 1000 feet tall and was built in the middle of Paris in just 2 years for the International Exposition of 1889.

It was designed by 2 people who worked with the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel.

The final shape of the Eiffel Tower was chosen by his architect.

But how did they manage to build the highest tower in the world at the time?

The genius idea was to imagine a tower made of iron that was solid but lighter than stone.

All the parts were made and preassembled in a factory not far from the work site.

First, they had to dig 50 foot deep foundations to fix the 4 huge pillars.

To build the 3 levels, the components were hoisted by small steam cranes and joined together using rivets.

At the end of the exposition, Gustave Eiffel managed to save his tower from being demolished… by arguing that it was an extraordinary observation deck and could be used for weather forecasts or radio transmissions.

Today, the “Iron Lady” is over a century old and an iconic landmark of Paris.

It is repainted every 7 years and recently, a glass floor was added to the first level. 13_FR And for the 2024 Olympic games, the Eiffel Tower will change color to a new shade of gold.