A Question A Day is a team of journalists who meet every week to read your questions.

Together, they pick the questions that are closest to current events and then give each subject to a journalist.

The journalist explores the subject, checks the facts, and chooses how to talk about it in a way that speaks to kids of your age!

But, what about the animation?

Everything starts with the text. Then, the rest of the team joins in:

First of all, Phil, “Hi, that’s me, the actor speaking now. I record the text written by the journalist”.

Jacques, the artist, draws 13 super cartoons that illustrate the text with humor.

With the voice and the drawings, we make a board test: a video storyboard of the cartoon.

Thanks to the indications on the board test, an animator makes the artist’s drawings move.

Then an editor puts these animations together; adjusts the length and speed to make the cartoon you see on the screen.

But that’s not all. We need sounds. The sound effects engineer adds** ** *** **here and there. It livens things up!

Finally, image specialists take the work produced by the team to make each episode technically perfect.

And all that in double quick time, so that each day, you can see your favorite cartoon on TV!