It’s what bonds people together in a spirit of mutual aid.

People have bonds because they are part of the same family, or live in the same town, the same country, or on the same planet…

Solidarity is the opposite of selfishness.

Yes, but how can we feel solidarity?

It’s up to each of us. Sticking up for a friend who’s badly treated is a gesture of solidarity.

Also you can give food, clothes or toys to an Association which helps people in need.

Certain societies are also based on solidarity: for example, in some countries, people pay contributions to the state so everyone can have free health care.

Solidarity is also international: rich countries help poorer countries to develop.

They fight together against poverty, for better access to health care, education, and enforce human rights…

And if one country suffers a natural catastrophe, for example an earthquake, it can ask for help from other countries who send first aiders, doctors and money…

But solidarity is not always easy!

Often it takes courage, time, money and can sometimes disrupt our lives.

Yet, solidarity is important because helping one another is one of the best ways of making a fairer world.