Why are the French so proud of their cooking?

Each country has its own specific cuisine and culinary art.

Japanese chefs, for example, have a very simple way of preparing food.

Indian cooking, on the other hand, is rich in spices, colors and flavors, which blend together brilliantly.

So why does everyone keep talking about French cooking?

Gastronomy started in France in the late 18th century. That means cooking became an “art”.

The whole of Europe recognised the qualities of French chefs and their demanding level.

Books were written on the art of cooking. Rich people and aristocrats made it an important art. Dishes were discussed philosophically.

So much so that France became the world leader in gastronomy for over 2 centuries.

In 2010, French cuisine was included on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Nowadays however, France is no longer the uncontested leader of international gastronomy.

Many chefs from all over the world are starting to innovate and develop a new cuisine.

In many countries, there are baking and cooking contests on TV. People talk “cuisine”, everywhere.

Today, Denmark and Spain have top ranking restaurants that rival with France… Good news for food lovers!