Thanks to vaccination, part of the world’s population is now protected against Covid 19.

But especially in rich countries like North America and Europe, where life is slowly getting back to normal.

Over half the people in the world don’t have access to present-day progress, particularly in Africa, where only 2 out of 100 people are vaccinated.

Yet the poorest countries in the world are also the most populated and often the most contaminated by the virus.

Most of them can’t produce vaccines themselves or even buy them.

And the millions of doses that have been sent to them are way short of what they need.

That’s why on 11th June 2021, 9 of the richest countries committed to giving… 1 billion doses to poorer countries. Half provided by the USA.

International solidarity is needed to save as many lives as possible… and allow millions of people to get back to work and school.

But it’s also in the interests of rich countries to encourage this world vaccination campaign.

Because the virus has no borders: it will continue to spread if all countries don’t have access to vaccines.

Nobody will be safe until we are all vaccinated.