In some countries, racism is punished by law.

It’s forbidden to insult someone, to treat them less well than others or to be violent towards them because of their skin color, their religion or their origins.

These behaviors are sanctioned by a fine or jail.

So, if it’s forbidden, racism should no longer exist?

Unfortunately, racism is still here; we see it in the street, in businesses and in schools; during sporting events and on the Internet.

Some governments have taken measures to fight it.

For example, by training the police to identify racism on the Internet and in everyday life and punish it.

And also by making sure businesses don’t differentiate between candidates, according to their origins or skin color.  

Ensure that the diversity of the whole population is represented in the media so that no one feels left out. 

That’s why there are journalists of different origins on TV.

The government also asks schools to explain to the students that we are all equal and must respect each other.

But racism concerns everyone; both children and grown-ups. 13_FR You too can act by respecting all your school chums in the same way or by pointing out an act of racism to a grown-up you can trust.