Tyrannosaurus means tyrant lizard and “rex” means King.

But there’s a debate going on between palaeontologists; those who study fossil remains from the past.

Perhaps the “King” wasn’t that strong after all? Why not? Some say its teeth were too big, its front legs too short and it was overweight; T. rex was… clumsy…

… and could only eat dead animals or those that couldn’t move.

They say its excellent sense of smell only helped it find the bodies of dead animals that were decomposing!

Not at all, reply others. Thanks to its sense of smell and excellent eyesight, its light front legs, its muscular back legs and huge swinging tail…

…T. rex could chase and hunt agile herbivores, such as edmontosauruses.

As for its teeth, what other use could they have if not for crushing its prey?

Finally, palaeontologists think T. rex hunted in groups and was not the lone predator of the Jurassic Park films.

The film should really have been called Cretaceous Park because T. rex only appeared about 70 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous era, after the Jurassic period.

If T. rex’s supremacy hasn’t been totally proved, no other dinosaur capable of beating it has ever been found.

Of all the tyrannosaurus cousins, T. rex was the biggest and most powerful.

It surely was the “tyrant king of the lizards”!