Children are society’s future but they are vulnerable and defenceless.

That’s why, in 1978, members of the United Nations met to work on the declaration of children’s rights.

On 20 November 1989, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed by 195 countries who committed themselves to building a world fit for children.

This convention contains 54 articles which outline the rights adults must give under 18’s.

The rights to an identity and a nationality, to have a family and to be loved.

The rights to health care and protection from diseases, to have enough nutritious food to eat.

The right to go to school and to play, to not fight in wars or have to work.

The rights to be protected against all forms of violence and abuse.

Children also have the right to give their opinion and find out things so tomorrow they can take part in their society.

Since 1989, much progress has been made for children all around the world.

Disease and malnutrition have gone down, whereas going to school in poor countries has gone up.

Of course, there’s still progress to be made, but giving assistance and protection to children has become a duty…

… so that in the future, children worldwide can have the same chance to grow up harmoniously.