They are seven extraordinary monuments from Antiquity, all located near the Mediterranean. Their fame has lasted for centuries!

The list was drawn up over two thousand years ago, to celebrate the builders of ancient civilizations.

So, what’s on this list?

There was the huge tomb of King Mausolus, at Halicarnassus, in present-day Turkey. 

Not far from there, in Ephesus, stood the temple of the goddess Artemis, richly decorated.

The list also includes the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, with trees and cascades of flowers.

But archaeologists aren’t sure these gardens really existed; it’s the only wonder whose trace has never been found.

In Greece, people admired the statue of the god Zeus, covered with ivory and gold…

… And the Colossus of Rhodes, a giant statue representing Helios, the Greek god of the Sun.

In Egypt stood the Lighthouse of Alexandria. At night, a fire burned at the top of this immense tower, to guide ships.

There was also the Great Pyramid of Giza… So mysterious that archaeologists have not yet discovered all its secrets! 

This pyramid is the only wonder left. The six others disappeared long ago.

That’s why, nowadays, a new list has been drawn up: the seven wonders of the modern world. And, these monuments, you can visit them!