The Olympic Games are world sports competitions that take place every 4 years. The first Summer Games were held in 1896 and the first Winter Games in 1924.

For a long time, the summer and winter games were held the same year. But since 1992, they alternate every 2 years.

But why are the Winter Olympic Games so popular?

Because so many countries take part. In Sochi, 2014, there were 88.

The Winter Olympics are followed by billions of viewers worldwide!

It’s also an important event for the organising country that attracts a lot of tourists.

Since they began, the Winter games have been held in 13 different countries. Several times for some countries like the US, France and Italy.

In 2018, the 23rd Winter games are being held in South Korea, in a mountainous region ideal for winter sports.

That’s right, because you need the right climate for snow and ice competitions…

… Like Alpine skiing, ski jumping or snowboard…

… Figure skating, curling or ice hockey.

Which country do you think has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics? Norway! With 331 medals. Well done!

The athlete with the most medals is also a Norwegian, Ole Einar Bjørndalen. But as you know, the important thing is not winning but participating!