A conspiracy theory, is when people think that certain actions are carried out by others, in secret, with the aim of harming or obtaining something.

They’ve always been around! In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church condemned innocent women saying they served the devil.

Today, Donald Trump, the ex-president of the USA, has a conspiracy theory saying Joe Biden won the elections by cheating.

Others believe the Covid 19 virus was spread on purpose by powerful people to control the world!

The problem?  These fake theories are spread by millions of people over the Internet.

They’re easy to believe, if you like sensational stories…

Or if you need to find someone to blame for every problem!

Some are manipulated by those who start these theories.

So, how can we not get fooled?

You can consult articles or videos showing contradictory opinions, to compare them. Like that, you can make your own mind up!

Some scientists, historians or journalists are experts on a subject; try reading their publications.

Finally, discuss what you read or hear with your family and teachers, especially if it affects you.

Checking the facts and thinking about them together helps develop a critical mind!