What is a shortage?

It’s when essential products are lacking; not enough food, a lack of housing, heating, clothes or health care.

A shortage happens when demand outstrips supply. Stocks go down.

In case of drought, it’s a lack of water. A strike at a refinery? We’re out  of gas!

To fight Covid-19, huge quantities of masks, hand sanitizing gel and life supporting drugs and medicines are needed.

Stocks run out quickly! In this exceptional situation, the shortage of health care products makes people scared.

But what is the link between shortage and fear?

Fear is often linked to an unknown situation we don’t know how to handle.

The fear of not having enough reminds us of when we were small babies, unable to look after ourselves.

When the authorities imposed the lockdown, the fear of going hungry drove us into stores.

Instead of doing a normal weekly shop to feed the family, it was panic stations!

And when you see others stocking up on everything, well, you do the same!

Shelves of pasta, sugar, eggs, flour and… toilet paper soon ran out.

Stores can’t stock up fast enough. This causes a shortage of certain essential products in stores!