This word is the abbreviation of British Exit, and refers to the UK leaving the European Union.

During a vote in June 2016, 52% of British voters decided leave the European Union.

Britain had been part of the union since 1973. Their country was even one of the 3 biggest powers in European politics, with France and Germany.

So why did they decide to leave the other European Union countries?

In fact, the British have always had one foot inside the European Union and the other outside.

For example, they preferred to keep their currency, the pound Sterling, rather than adopt the euro.

They also chose to stay outside the Schengen area, a group of 22 European countries without border controls.

And they wanted to keep a special relationship with the United States, which used to be a British colony.

Some Britons think that by leaving the European Union, their independence and economy will be stronger.

But Brexit will take time: the UK and the European Union will negotiate for at least 2 years.

Some even wonder if it will really happen…

Because millions of Britons think their country will get poorer outside the European Union.

And some still hope that a new referendum will be organized to cancel Brexit…!