What is freedom of the press?

It is an essential freedom that is written into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It is based on free speech, which gives everyone the right to express their opinions, while respecting others, even if people don’t agree.

Freedom of the press guarantees journalists the possibility to freely investigate and inform citizens on subjects of their choice.

Thanks to this freedom, the media are free to broadcast different points of view, to comment, debate and to criticize them.

But why is freedom of the press important?

Because in many countries in the world, it is not respected.

In authoritarian states, such as China, North Korea, Egypt or Iran, the governments censure information.

The authorities control everything that is published and only allow what they like to be broadcast.

The journalists who criticize the authorities are tortured or put in prison…

… and sometimes even… assassinated.

In these countries, Internet is limited or cut off, to prevent anyone having access to information from other countries.

People who consult forbidden media also risk being put behind bars or losing their lives.

Freedom of the press is therefore a precious right. Being able to read, listen to or watch independent and varied news sources allows people to make up their own idea, without being manipulated!